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For a peaceful holiday, we recommend you to sign an insurance policy.

We have an interesting agreement with the company Allianz.
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DEPOSIT INSURANCE – enter the amount of the deposit paid HOLIDAY INSURANCE – enter the total cost of the holiday       For every request of informations or details on insurance you can contact Allianz insurance company.

The request must be submitted to the insurance company no later than the day after the of the booking confirmation. We remember that the hotel Capo Sud can not take charge, even partially, of the penalties provided for in case of late cancellation, late arrival, no-show or early departure even if of causes independent of the will of the Guest.

At the time of booking will be asked for a deposit equal to about 30% of the estimated cost for the stay to be received by the hotel before a date.

When the hotel receive the deposit the room/s will be definitively booked. If the deposit does not arrive on time, the hotel will be free to cancel your reservation without any consequences.

If the booker decides to cancel the reservation by notifying the hotel with 30 or more days in advance of the scheduled date of arrival, the hotel will refund the entire deposit by wire transfer.

If the booker decides to cancel the reservation by notifying the hotel with less than 30 days prior to the date of arrival, the hotel will keep the deposit as indemnity for the damage had from the cancellation.

If the booker in any way wants to change the reservation (room type, number of people, date of arrival and / or departure) this request will be evaluated and processed to all effects as a cancellation of the previous booking and a new request.

The hotel can then decide to retain the deposit under the terms described above.

In case of early departure, whatever the cause of this (including serious personal and familial cases or cases of force majeure), it will be required to pay the price of accommodation for the days that do not benefit, according to the rules laid down by the italian national contract of hotel.

Hotel Capo Sud recommends to protect themselves against unpleasant eventualities: thanks to an agreement with "Allianz assicurazioni", with an affordable price you'll have the security of a quiet holiday and you can deal with many unpleasant events such as those specified above.

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